When to eat your protein and veggies

Hi readers welcome back as we take this foodful journey once again. I get this question a lot; ‘when should I eat my proteins and veggies?’ My answer has always been simple and to the point; My take is that you consume your proteins and veggies at dinner, while increasing intake of the same during/on your exercise off days. Why?, some of you may ask. This is because proteins are body building food. They help grow muscle and help in increase of your overall muscle mass. As your muscle mass increases you automatically become stronger by the day and this in turn improves overall performance in your exercise. When your performance increases, you end up increasing your metabolic rate and hence an increase in the fat burning ability of your body.
The second part is why we take veggies. Veggies simply have a muscle repair component which help you a great deal. Here is how in brief. When you exercise your body produces free radicals that damage muscle tissue, Fruits and veggies have antioxidants which prevents free radicals from forming or further production of these free radicals during a workout. So there you go, more reasons for you to stay healthy. 

Tony Trainer. 


Myth buster

Hey weight watchers, health and fitness enthusiasts..I am here once again and this time as usual to enlighten you especially on this myth about fats and carbs. Think about this for a second, do you think god made all these food available to us so we can keep away from? You have of course  heard in almost if not all diets plans that you should not take foods that have fats or more common would be, reduce or even do away with foods that have carbs. ‘Carbs are not good for you especially when you want to loose weight’ they tell you. Well today I’ll give you a formula that has worked for me and all of my clients over the years. First thing we all need to understand is that it has never been about not eating foods that have fats and or carbs. The truth is actually the reverse, you and your body need fats and carbs, all you need to know is which ones when it comes to fats and when to take when it comes to carbs. Let’s start with the famous fats. I will not delve into the polyunsaturated, mono saturated, trans fat and those things that you read in every issue of those health magazines (I have nothing against them). I will keep it short and to the point. Fats provide your body with energy especially when you do something vigorous and focused like exercise, let’s just say it’s very good fuel for your body and just like your gas or charcoal at home you need to ignite it to make it work for you not against you. The way to ignite the fat in your body is though exercise which has to be on point. Okay many will ask how. Look at it this way for you to increase your metabolism you have to eat the right food first right? I mean veggies, fruits, good protein and all that. The best way to increase your metabolism is through exercise. When your metabolism is high enough you give your body ignition to start burning fat then the fats start working for you and not against you. You will get to a point that no matter how fat you are or think you are, your body will burn it all up and even ask for more and this is why you will afford to even gorge that slice of chocolate cake or those no go zone foods without ever worrying that it will all comeback with the relatives even. So my advice would be to get your body to that point where it has enough ignition to burn any fat that comes its way and you will see the miracle of fat loss and muscle gain. Absorb this, ask questions share thoughts and see you on the next article as we demystify the infamous carbs. Always remember exercise, exercise, exercise.

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Tony Trainer.








What’s the cut

“What do you do to look this cut and what do you eat to be this big at the same time?”. These are questions I’m asked constantly by my extended family, friends, and clients alike. I’m 183 cm tall,93 kgs with 15% fat and 80% muscle to say the least my body metabolizes like an 18 year old which I’m not ofcourse. The last time I did serious training in the gym was… 8 or more years ago that was way back in 2006/7. Yes, that long and even now when I’m at the gym I don’t take more than an hour in training. I simply am a homegymer and even in this I don’t spend more than 1 hour doing my exercises. “So what’s the secret?”, they ask me since I’m a strong believer of steroid-free or as we call them here, supplements-free diet. What do you eat they ask me, while in my mind I keep wondering… What don’t I eat. This is the sole reason I’m in this field and decided after reasonable convincing and pushing from one of my faithful clients to start a fitness blog and share my secrets and experience in getting and staying fit and cut. In my subsequent articles as I have been doing, I will keep giving fundamentals of exercise and nutrition to the best of my knowledge as I also welcome comments and thoughts on the same. About 8 years ago, I was a serious gym guy and frankly for me my fear was, what if I lose all my muscles and get the dreaded one pack instead of my loved six. Keep in mind that growing up, I was very short and small and guys often told me after I started training that I’d never grow taller. Well those who know me now… Here is a photo of how I look now after I stopped going to the gym and started this home gym idea. Keep it here as we continue on this journey and as I unveil the secrets to the six pack. It will be abit tricky for me. Why?In my next article I will inform you on how I managed to stay this way after all these years.

Yours truly,
Tony trainer.


The holidays are here!

It is definitely that time of the year that every one wants to break every nutritional and fitness Laws. This is usually ok as long as in the many resolutions you will have, squeeze one on working out and follow it up until such a time as this next year. I am never left behind on this, I take off my strict fitness gloves and allow myself and my faithful clients to enjoy their pilau, all sought of roasted meat, cakes, chocolates and all manner of fattening foods. I say to myself after all it’s only for about a week or two, and it is surely not hard reverse the effects of this. So do not be afraid to make merry, enjoy fully with family, friends and the less fortunate. Merry Christmas, happy new year and God bless you and stretch well after every meal.


Do you experience that irritating pain on your back, stiffness on your hamstrings or inner thigh area when you bend while doing house chores, while at work or during a workout, do you have posture problems or feel some pain around  your neck area? Then most probably you are either not stretching at all or you are not stretching in the right way.

Static neck and Abs stretch
Static neck and Abs stretch: Hold the position as illustrated for between 10-15 minutes, relax and repeat for 3-4 sets.
Tony Trainer
Static neck Abs stretch from a different angle.
Tony Trainer
Static and Dynamic. With this you will stretch your calves, hamstring, lower to upper back, and arms as well. It can also be done with movement. If you choose to do static, hold for 10-15 seconds, do 2-3 sets. If you go with dynamic then up and down for 10-15 reps, 2-3 sets.
Tony Trainer
Static or Dynamic Oblique and Iliotibial band stretch (IT): If you are doing it as a static stretch hold it for 10-15 minutes for 2-3 sets. If you are doing it as a dynamic stretch then move side to side, do 10-12 reps for the same number of sets as above.
Static, glutes and upper body stretch: With this you get to stretch your chest , shoulder blades,arms, glutes and hamstring muscles. hold for 10-15 seconds, do 3-4 sets.In today’s article we are exploring various stretching techniques and their importance.

Stretching mainly involves three systems in our body. These are the nervous, muscular and skeletal systems… and yes contrary to myth, the human skeleton is actually an active living tissue. Some of the functions of the human skeleton are support and movement which are very important in flexibility training.
It’s important to note that flexibility varies with gender (women are more flexible than men), age (the younger you are…), medical history (past injury) and body temperature (that is why a warm up before stretching is very important to raise one’s body temperature).
Did you know that your body has a total of 206 bones???????

So next time you are stretching remember to warm up and do it right AND REMEMBER, there are two main types of stretching techniques,  static stretch or a dynamic stretch with the many variations.  I recommend static stretching for beginners and dynamic stretching for athletes. I would also like to encourage all readers to ask questions and share insights on this topic. I have illustrated a few stretching techniques but there are many more to explore.

Tony Trainer.

Fitness is Godly!

Did you actually know that God requires you to be fit and healthy? I know… right, ridiculous, but really, take a deep look at things for example, being unfit lowers your self esteem, you become a good friend of many diseases, you cannot perform to your full potential, you cannot  attend to your spouse and family the way you envisioned, you generally do not enjoy life and its fullness. God wants the complete opposite of all this.I can go all day giving you enough reasons why it is Godly to actually hit the gym or for this matter prepare some space at home to hit the home gym. On this forum I will give you some of the most simple yet effective ways to exercise from home. Mean while think about this as we prepare to take this journey together._MG_9458